How to make a girl squirt?

Strangely enough, squirting has been one of the most controversial and polarizing topics in recent memory. Some people are happy to shout about it being ALL PEE, some try to have a scientific discussion about something as “mysterious” as female ejaculation, some are simply seeking advice on how to make a girl squirt EVERY TIME. Oh well, here’s hoping that this short article will help clear everything up for you.
How to Make Yourself Squirt If Your A Girl

Here’s a list of things that you need to make yourself squirt (if you’re a girl)

- Clear up your mind and relax your muscles.
- Locate your G-spot.
- Indulge in G-spot stimulation.
- Focus on the sensations.
- Squirt.

How to Make a Girl Squirt Fast – Most Important Rules

- Do NOT rush it.
- Make sure to locate the G-spot first and provide sufficient stimulation.
- Show patience and have zero expectations.
How to Make a Girl Squirt – Tutorial for Women [Detailed]

#1. Clear up your mind and relax your muscles

First, you have to make sure that you’re comfortable enough. Try to rid your brain of all the anxious thoughts and make sure that your body is fully relaxed. Also, cancel all plans that you might have for the day and make sure that no one will interrupt you, just in case. Furthermore, there’s a very real chance that you might be successful on your first try, so please create a “waterproof” area around yourself.

#2. Locate your G-spot.

Time to send your fingers on a spelunking mission! Insert a finger into your vagina and curl it up towards the wall of your stomach. Can you feel a walnut-sized patch of spongy tissue? Congratulations, that's the G-spot!

#3. Indulge in G-spot stimulation.

It’s all about being slow and sensual. Also, it’s presumably your very first time pleasuring the G-spot, so there should be zero expectations to speak of. Just be happy that you found it.
First and foremost, we have to point out that lubrication is extremely important – it minimizes the risk of soreness or injury. Our recommendation is to use a water-based lubricant since it’s way more versatile and you might want to use a toy.
With that taken care of, you should use your fingers or a G-spot vibrator for stimulation.

#4. Focus on the sensations.

Listening to your body’s natural response is the most important thing, we just cannot stress this enough. Don’t forget that everything about this experience should feel pleasurable. A good indicator of the approaching squirting orgasm is a noticeable increase in the size of both the vulva and G-spot. If you feel the need to pee, it’s also a great sign. We should point out that some women can only ejaculate during penetration and some cannot ejaculate during penetration at all. Despite what pseudoscientific dudebro articles might tell you, there’s no surefire way of “how to make a girl squirt with your DICK”.
How to Make a Girl Squirt During Sex, Best Positions for Squirting

Communication is very important. Be sure to mention to your partner beforehand that you’re going to try and find her G-spot and make her squirt. As mentioned prior, it might not be possible for her to attain a squirting orgasm during penetration, so keep that in mind.
Basically, you can learn how to make a girl squirt by reading everything we described above. The process isn’t really different – make sure that she’s fully comfortable, find her G-spot, stimulate it with your penis or fingers or a toy, and wait until it starts to swell up.
According to research, cowgirl and doggystyle sex positions are best suited for squirting orgasms. The key thing to keep in mind is the fact that it can take you a couple of years to finally make her squirt. Sorry.

Q&A Section

Q: Are ALL women capable of squirting?
A: It’s impossible to know that, many aspects are still behind debated. The most legitimate data available today suggests that only 37% of women are able to ejaculate.
Q: How to make a girl squirt easily?
A: There’s no easy way to make a woman squirt… unless it’s porn and she’s seemingly made entirely of G-spots.
Q: Where’s the ejaculation fluid produced?
A: In the lesser vestibular glands…. Yeah, it’s not the same as pee, don’t worry.