How to stop watching porn?

Let’s begin with the obvious – claiming that you’re going to stop consuming porn is NOT the same thing as actually cutting it out. In this short article, we are going to supply you with some useful tips on how to stop watching porn for good.
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Before we do that, it’s important to address all the destructive effects of the consumption of pornography.

Negatives Effects of Pornography

On one hand, people are bombarding Google with questions such as “how to stop yourself from watching porn?”, but on the other, they still have doubts. They are not really sure if porn can actually affect their lives in a negative way. Down below, we are going to discuss the most damaging effects of pornographic content.

#1. It’s addictive.

At first, it seems perfectly fine. It’s just a way to unwind after a long day at work. Or maybe just a way to get your jollies off once in a while.
Nothing about pornography is harmless because, after a while, comes the inability to keep your hands off of pornography. There’s a NEED to watch adult content, a NEED to overlook the manner in which it affects your mental/physical well-being and your relationship, a NEED to hide it from other people.

#2. It facilitates unrealistic expectations.

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People that consume porn tend to receive lower satisfaction from real-life intercourse. With all the flashy, unrealistic acts depicted in pornography, your brain is basically rewired – it has to relearn what to expect from sex. When it doesn’t get it, it deems real intercourse boring and unsatisfactory.

#3. It leads to ED.

In recent research, pornographic consumption has been singled out as one of the KEY contributing factors for erectile dysfunction. People that masturbate often instead of indulging in real-life sex, they tend to respond only to specific things, including their own hands and explicit images on the screen, not skin-to-skin contact.

#4. It’s awful for sexual education.

“How to stop watching porn as a teen” is one of the most popular porn-related searches on Google. That tells us one thing – there’s going to be a generation raised by hardcore pornography. They grow up believing that real sex is exactly the same as portrayed in hardcore pornography.

How to Stop Watching Porn Forever – Most Effective Tips

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#1. Treat it as nothing more than junk food.
#2. Acknowledge that you have a problem and determine the reasons why you're so into something as hollow as adult content.
#3. Remove pornography from your life – delete downloaded clips, remove porn tubes from the list of bookmarked sites, etc.
#4. Replace porn watching with something enjoyable. Find a new hobby that makes you feel good about yourself.
#5. Join a support group. Whether it’s online or not, there are people out there that are stuck in a similar situation.
#6. Work out. Related to #4 – workouts can help refill and recharge your dopamine levels which were definitely affected by excessive pornographic consumption.
#7. Get enough sleep. It is VERY important and you should not question it. Just give it a try, okay?

Q&A Section

Q: How much porn is too much porn?
A: Depends on the person. Data suggests that watching over 17 minutes of porn in a week can lead to you forming an addiction.

Q: How to get husband to stop watching porn?
A: Show him this article, of course! But seriously, you need to have an open discussion. Be supportive, don’t judge, and help him overcome his addiction to pornography! It’s going to be hard to quit, but you have each other (and that’s a lot!).

Q: How to stop watching porn (Christian)?
A: Although you’re forgiven in Christ (since He’s merciful), He still wants to see you blossom. He knows that you possess the strength to combat sin. If you’re ever in doubt or need help, just lean on Him and He will guide you.